Turn around time for a mod?


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Anyone have an amp modded lately by trace?
How long is the turn around time. I ask because my amps been there for a year now.


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Is he not responding? If he was so swamped with mods you'd think at least somebody else here would have (or recently had) an amp there.


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Got him on the phone around may of 2020.
Called and left a message in March of 2021 asking to just send the amp back if it still wasn’t started.
Totally not trying to say anything bad about anyone but I’m just done waiting.
I understand he’s more into big name traveling acts and not into the mods so much now.
Well. I see that his website is still active. I will contact him about resolution if you wish. And I am sure some more of us would. These forums can trash a guy's name pretty quick. Bad for business. He would probably see the wisdom of making it right. Say the word.
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This^ (Just kidding). I don't know why one would offer legal service in another language when the original complaint wasn't in that language. But keep fighting the good fight, Jerry


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I’ve sent Trace a few emails without a reply. Guess he’s moved on or is busy...too bad the man builds a great amp


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So, he’s had your amp for roughly 2 years, he’s not responding to you, and the last time you’ve heard anything was over a year ago?

Personally, this guy would be hearing from my attorney by now. There’s no excuse for this type of behavior.


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Hey guys Don't know whats up but i have two modded Marshall's, Modded pre 500 Recto, Peavy 5150II and a custom WitchDr Never had A problem Or lack of communication with him. Great guy maybe something is up? Hope everything is ok.


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Trace has had my amp for 3.5 years.

I asked him last week to either buy it or return it and it's been crickets.


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Unfortunately sounds like VooDoo is asking for payment up front then dragging things out until the refund and return dictates are expired asking you to just wait a little longer then you the buyer may not have any recourse either through Paypal or your credit card to either get your amp back and full refund. Quite an insidious tactic and highly unethical.

Seems CV has accelerated these issues for the worse for many small builders.

At this point it's time to cut and run, get your amp back and whatever refund you can pry out of them.