Two-Notes + Steve Stevens. enjoy! (VIDEO LINK FIXED)


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That's pretty cool!

Steve's tone is killer too. So many leaps and bounds ahead of the Billy Idol and Rebel Yell recordings from the early 1980s.
I like those early recordings though.. sound cuts way more and isn't all gained out. Everyone plays with too much gain on records now. This sounds good but I don't like his choice of IR's!
Yup, great vid and great product. I really enjoy using the torpedo live for recording or live use.
Great tone and playing. Steve is a bad ass and seems like a down to earth guy actually.
A little off topic but has anyone try the capture feature in the BlendIR tool? I am definitely capturing the sound of my mic but for some reason it sounds like i get more room or hollowness than the original recording. Wondering why that could be. .. I opened a ticket with twonotes a few minutes ago.