Uberschall Rev 2 - Biasing Internal Test Points?


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Hi Gents

Just want to know if any of the Bogner guru's out there know if it is possible to read the BIAS on the PCB itself on a Bogner Uberschall Rev 2?

I've attached an image and was wondering if the 2x red or 2x orange circles might be used to read the BIAS with a multimeter?

Years ago I tried to use my Biasrite tool and I vaguely remember that it would show plate voltage but would not display the current for some strange reason?

However my Biasrite tool worked fine for both in my Diezel's etc.

Any help would be greatly appreicated.

Thank you. :rock:



The lugs marked in orange seem to be the lugs for the bias trim pot.
The ones marked in red are your bias points.