VH4 Vs Herbert - which cuts better in the live mix and recording


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Hi, I am new to the forum, but have been reading post for about 3 weeks. I have not had the chance to play a Diezel yet but have listened to many recordings of both amps. For the VH4 Three Days Grace and Shinedown and for the Herbert Vysion on the Diezel site. For rock, hard rock, and metal the Herbert cuts very well. For those that have owed both what is your opinion on which amp cuts better?
They're both about the same IMO. I use the Herbert now because the Tuner out is super cool. As is the new BIAS feature. Both only available on the Herb.
I like both amps, have owned 2 or 3 of each.
How much tighter is the VH4 compared to the Herbert?

Also tone wise which do you like better in your opinion?
My buddy thinks the VH4 is less forgiving and will only buy a Herbert. I wish I had a VH4 right now to compare. I didn't use the extra channel (2) very often on the VH4 to make a difference. I liked 3 and 4 on the VH4 (mainly 3) and Channel 2 and 3 (mainly 2) on the Herb.
Both cut well in the mix and if they're equipped with the same power tubes, tend to sound very close. Herbert can be a completely different beast than VH4 if you use its mid cut function.