Vhx questions


I like the form of the vhx. Have a few questions about it
1. Can it do Jose Marshall evh tones
2 how would it sound with el34s
3 how would it sound through scumback bm75 vs v30s
Trying to see if this could be the amp I am looking for. Running a be100 dlx now and prefer hot Marshall tones.
1: No. It sounds like a Diezel. More hi-fi, with a bigger top and bottom and very different mids.
2: Sounds great with EL-34's. Won't make it more "modded Marshall" if that is what you are thinking.
3: No idea on the Scumbacks. Sounds awesome with V30's.
I have Herbert and a JVM, their both worlds apart tone wise and feel wise.

One isn't better than the other tbh, its personal preference.
I do think my Herbert is suited best for my 8 string and my telecaster is best suited for the JVM.

The Herbert sounds good at low volume but tbh not good enough, the 50w JVM does low volume better.

When opening the volume on the Herbert its a whole different story.
Best is to try a Diezel and a Marshall, see for yourself what's best for you.
I know now that having both is the best option.
1: No. It sounds like a Diezel. More hi-fi, with a bigger top and bottom and very different mids.
What VHTStark said. The VHX is the only Diezel I've heard or played in-person but in comparison to a lot of clips I've heard of other models, the VHX really has that signature Hi-Fi Diezel sound. It's the most consistent character to the sound throughout all the tonal options.

Compared to the Marshall's I've played, Marshall and Diezel are like the opposite sides of high gain distortion, but like in two alternate universes. They're both mid heavy and do high gain well, but then they go in opposite directions from there. My synesthesia is activated in completely different ways between them: a high-gain Marshall sounds like a flamethrower and the Diezel sounds like the sonic version of a Xenomorph. I doubt that makes sense but basically a high-gain Marshall to me has this busted bright upper-mids loose rawness to it. Sounds like in your face butt-shaking rock. The VHX meanwhile has this super-processed inorganic almost sterile sound, except in certain little moments where you can hear the tubes breathing, and it's those little hints that make the rest of it sound super cool. It's hard to describe, what's a normally kind of overprocessed sound becomes this really unique organic sound when you start to hear where it sags and compresses.

For the rest of your questions I don't have a good answer for you. I will say Diezel's are dark and sensitive, and I personally think they sound better with brighter speakers and cabs as well as lower output pickups. The amp has way more low-end than any Marshall I've played, and it has a great clarity when using low output pickups (raise the gain on the amp instead).