we are back!!!!

So I'm playing my Juggernaut w/my Foo cover band last Saturday nite, and halfway through the set, during a song, my Dave Grohl leans over and says, "Man! Do I really like that guitar." He was all drooly...felt great.
Never tried one. Was drooling over that green Jugg when it was for sale.

I'll be honest when I say as a regular consumer the website is kind of jank. Could use a serious revamp.

It'll be a while but I will be getting another guitar at some point and Gutierrez is definitely on the list.
garey77":36jen581 said:
Any idea what the lead time would be on a build, roughly? Also, how much down?

Any info?

TBH I ended up getting an ESP because I pretty much forgot all about these guitars. Are you still making guitars?

If so, how much are they? For a Juggernaut what is the price and build time? Payment requirements, etc.