Welp, looks like a hurricane is headed our way!

We make posts about a storm that’s not even a hurricane yet now? Tell me you are a transplant from New York, without telling me you are a transplant from New York.
Yep, it's a drill.. Hurry up and wait. I can't count the number of times one was headed straight towards us and fell apart, or took a sharp turn. Of course you have to plan as if it's coming.. When you get caught with your pants down, that's when they're the big one.

The “big one” hasn’t hit your neck of the woods since 2004 LOL GTFOH here man. What a dramatic post , Christ.
Insurance companies down here charge a fortune and pay no claims. They have quite the racket.
This was part of the reason I sold my house 2 months ago.
I was here 20 plus years ago when Hugo?
The hurricane hit Clearwater Beach and Pinellas County REAL BAD.
In fact the hurricane destroyed nearly EVERY hotel in Clearwater Beach.
How do I know?
Me and my skateboarding Bones Brigade squad went looking for Animal Chin all around downtown Clearwater where it was all rubbish, shredding every handrail in that town.
We brought launch ramps and put them up against walls and would just blast wallrides..SUPER RAD.

-EXCEPT those strange Scientology people walking around emotionless delivering documents, they seemed no different-.

I also would take chicks to the abandoned buildings and drink Mad Dog and smoke the reefer’s….
50 ft Grandfather Live Oak tree’s completely uprooted.

The Bay Area was supposed to get a direct hit from the last Category 5 Hurricane’.
I said to myself, “Dude you remember the wasteland and lack of everything..they just keep raising & raising the homeowners insurance and will duck out of paying the claims”..”plus the money is absurd what people are in-line to gladly pay for a solid home in Lutz, Fl”.
We've had our fair share of hurricanes in south Louisiana so I know how that shit goes when one's heading towards you. And those spaghetti tracks do nothing to help narrow the track down. Best anyone can do is prepare for the worst and hope for the best.
VESmedic to the rescue. He’ll be stationed rooftop, blowing an opposing gust of hot air towards Fiona.
This one is Ian. Fiona is apparently not finished and is gonna give Canada a Muhammed Ali type "take that one witcha" last jab before it dies.
This one is Ian. Fiona is apparently not finished and is gonna give Canada a Muhammed Ali type "take that one witcha" last jab before it dies.

It’s not his fault, they literally get completely different news on that side of the country.
Looks like a hurricane's a brewing, and headed towards Florida. We've been spared for 5 years, since Irma plowed through, (no electricity for 4 days, and lots of damage here). I'm hoping that sucker makes a hard right and hits well south of Tampa. I'll be gassing up and gathering supplies today, and 🙏!
Hopefully it’ll make a hard left
Yeah and we’re on our way down to Orlando to take our kids to Universal for the week. Great fucking timing. :LOL:

As a kid I lived in Charleston for Hugo and Orlando for Andrew so maybe it’ll be a little nostalgic.
Looks like Ian is going to die back a lot before landfall. That is good... hopefully it will die out completely.
How you Floridians making out. News shows a lot of damage...maybe that was in Kanuckville. My Bad
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