What ohms is this cabinet?


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Picked it up used but don't really know anything about it. Has a jack plate on the back at the top right and 2 jacks -neither have any info. Took my multimeter to the one on the right and got no reading. The left jack fluctuates between 10-11.4 which seems low for a 16ohm but too high for an 8ohm. Haven't opened it up yet to check out speakers etc but will be doing this soon. Anyone just happen to know off hand?

Don't have one, but I'm curious and tried to do some searches to see what came up. Some cabs have different jack shapes, some have a red ring on the left jack or there would've been some written serial somewhere, some had like a sticker or something that would've been peeled off with info.
Hard to really say what year, maybe late 00's/early '10s, most likely stock V30s? Here's a thread from 2013 that has a similar jack plate, based on that seems to be made in USA at least, likely prior to 2014:


The lower reading could maybe be different impedance speakers, maybe speakers that were wired incorrectly, maybe faulty wiring? Again hard to really say. Better off opening it like you mentioned and seeing what's there to be sure. Sorry not much more helpful than that.
The back of mine wore off similarly.

On mine, the left jack is a mono 8 ohm jack. The right jack is for stereo where each input would be 16 ohms. The cab also has 2 different speaker types in an X pattern. I suspect the right jack won't measure anything unless the left jack is in use.

My guess is you have 2 different types of speakers, one 8 ohm and one 16 ohm. If that is wired in series / parallel, the left input would read 10.6 ohm (2/(1/8+1/16) ohms).

Can you just measure each speaker?
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I ended up opening it up and found that there were 2 16ohm G12T-75 and 2 15ohm G12-30. Left Jack mono connected, right jack not connected to anything which explains the no reading. What 2 speaker types are in yours?
The 11 ohm reading still sounds wrong.

I think mine is k100 and gt75... I forget. I remember I purposefully didn't get v30s back then. I'd have to pull the speakers out to check and I'm too lazy for that ;)