When exactly did Celestion change V30's for the worse?


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I have an 4x12 OS that has a straight enclosure but the grill cloth is actually slanted, if my explanation makes any sense ;)
I actually have a small list of cab serial and speaker date codes I gathered from my cabs as well as all over the net if you are interested.
Yeah, those are pretty common, it's the fact this one has the straight baffle that is so surprising to me.
I'd definitely like to see that list!


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Yeah the non-recessed handles are a clear indication of a pre C2- serial cab, and to be fair your 2001 cab sounds as killer as it should so I don't doubt you on that, it's just literally the first time I've heard of a straight Mesa 4x12 pre-2005. I wonder if it was a custom build? Would you mind PM'ing me the serial (and if you've got them, the speaker date codes) ? I'd be interested to see if it falls in sync with the database of cab serial and speaker date codes I have.
Sure thing, PM incoming. Let me know how it lines up. :)

Side note from the other post, while I'm no Greenback expert, my cab with the 2002 UK GBs are by far the most metal-friendly GBs I've played. Here they are with a Mark & a Recto.


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It's my position that age (irrespective of hours of use), hours of use (irrespective of age), changes in materials and manufacturing techniques plus cabinet inconsistencies can result in substantial differences WITHIN the same model (T#) of V30s. In the posted clip examples the Mesa V30s sound quite different but they all generally sound like Mesa V30s. I wouldn't mistake either of those examples with the Marshall or stock Celestion varieties. An analogy would be like comparing your three favorite pizzerias. The taste is largely consistent but occasionally it's a bit off, maybe because someone new made it that day. But it never tastes remotely the same as the pizzerias down the street (the other V30 specimens).


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Thanks mate! Do you mean more video interview/podcasty type things via GGD? Or more IR packs like Cali? We're actually due to release a Marshall/greenback cab plugin in about T-15mins now h

Well damn. Glad I checked this thread today. :)

The Cali OS pack has been incredible. Can't wait to add some greenbacks to the mix as well. It's hard to beat a good mix of V30's and GB's.
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Making a few clips of the gold pack from GGD, absolutely loving it so far! No doubt the best greenback IR’s out there for me. Using my les paul with aldrich pickups and my modded Marshall unboosted, sounds incredible so far. I’ll post a song or two in a bit

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This is a great video, and i love Nolly. Here’s the thing: Speakers are an absolute crapshoot/lottery, they just are. Nolly has spent more time than most, but there are people I respect just as much who have done just as much nerding out on this as Nolly has; the consensus is, speakers really are a lottery. For every engineer that prefers the 01-03 Mesa speakers, I can name you a handful of engineers who recorded huge records with 2008 and upwards Mesa cabs on everything: a good sounding speaker is a good sounding speaker. I have Marshall vintages from 92-2005, and I haven’t found personally In the 30 or so I’ve owned, to take on certain characteristics during certain years. With that said, Nolly is fantastic, and made arguably one of if not the best in my opinion, impulse responses of his favorite Mesa cabs with GGD, definitely check that out.
So are you saying the consensus is, there is no consensus?

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I picked up a Mesa Traditional straight 4x12 yesterday. The speakers were the 8ohm from before the year 2000. Stamp instead of sticker.