Why no Marshall amplification in the amp section ?

Monkey Man

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Sounds good brother. Only "problem" is it'd make the existing manufacturers' section redundant.

We still have Larry, Cliff and others here. If official support drops off, we keep the sub-forum anyway, but AFAICT the policy now is that we add new sub-forums only if they have official representation.

Personally, I'd just as well see peeps talk about all things all amps in the main forum.
Same here. IMHO the forum isn't big / active-enough to be able to afford to water the main RT sub-forum down further. Those who don't use the "new posts" feature wouldn't even be aware of activity outside of the main RT sub-forum, which AFAICT is the one most people visit.


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I agree Brother MM :cheers:

And I'm not suggesting replacing anything with anything either. I was just showing another way to do it. Like if you guys decided to just completely eliminate those sub forums it would be a shame to lose the content and knowledge. When we made amp brand gear threads it was expected that the TS would need to create content and help answer questions etc.

Monkey Man

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OK, I've just heard back from admin and he agrees:

If there's representation, fine, we'll create a sub-forum. We won't delete sub-forums if this representation eventually stops.