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The show was compromised of 2 sets with a generous 30 minutes intermission.

During which I got talking with the person next to me.

And is a point that I wanted to bring up and see what the distinguished members of this site have to say.
I told him I beg to differ but although they have had different members and had even at one moment 2 unique line ups touring at the same time, this was in fact YES
Do I get a prize @ 50+ posts ?

Just the way the interface is as once I added the photos it used up the space for text, and then a reply came in.

Will do my best as to keep Monkey Mans request.
Dude, posts # 4->7 had no photos and no replies in-between, so your explanation makes no sense to me. They were literally a paragraph of text split into 4 posts, telling a short story with continuity.

Nevertheless, thank you for trying from now on mate; it's just bad forum etiquette is all.
Last night went to see at El Cajon CA, a show by prog rockers YES.

Last time I had the pleasure of attending a show was in 1991 on their UNION tour.
Saw that tour. I also saw the "Classic Yes" tour a few years later. Well, it may have been several years later I can't remember now. But it was the classic line up and they killed it.