You can choose one boost pedal only


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Do I even need to reply to this :LOL:

Same pedal I've stated for over a decade:
Creation Audio Labs Mk.4:23Pro 48V model


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I'd go with some kind of EQ.
Probably a Boss GE-7 because that's what I'm used to.

To me, the main benefit of boosts is not their ability to add a distortion stage, but their ability to slam an amp's input and shape the guitar's low end to tighten things up. You can setup a good EQ to shape any guitar any way you want.
I used a MXR 10 band EQ for years, a little noisy at high gain but useful,
picked up a Source Audio EQ2 right after they were released, just amazingly versatile if you are willing to put in the effort to learn/program it, I've barely scratched the surface. 10 band graphic or parametic. It's stereo & can be used in dual mono mode with totally different settings at two different places in your signal chain, so one could be a clean boost. Presets so you could have different settings for different songs/passages.


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SRB OD808, the pedal has three way clipping, symetrical, asymmetrical, no diodes , Bass switch normal or (bass boost)and can go from Maxon OD808 to Boss SD-1 mode. I've been through alot of OD's over the years and so far nothing has beat the SRB. I have two models of these, one is 25% more gain than a stock Maxon 808 and one is 100%(Twice) more gain over stock.


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Have you ever tried the Zinky True Grit? I've been tempted to snag one many times but never did
Nope, but I bet it slays. I’m just so jazzed with my toanz rn that I want for nothing, other than rocking “No Way Back” with the Foo Fighters in May. I will get Dave’s guitar and crush it!!!
SInce its technically a 2 in 1, I'm going to cheat and say the new KMA Pylon I just got. The boost function on it is very serviceable and and the low end cut knob has the ability to cut even a bit more what the DT achieves.
yeah, it's a great boost circuit. I figured out that it's essentially the Lichtlaerm audio Aesahaettr boost circuit with some values changed. The controls are identical. I A/B'd them and there is a very slight tonal difference akin to a resistor value change or a different chip.

For me, I would have to choose the DAE Duality DX. 3 different boost modes and a built in 4 cable noise gate.


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Been through so many boost pedals.
Cannot be bothered anymore.
Boss eq in the front or boss sd1 always works great.