You old guys Remember ‘we are stars’

Man the Canadian was pathetic, mainly the production and vocals. However, that second guy playing the black Strat did the best solo out of everyone. I loved the original when it first came out but watching it now its amazing how bad most of the solos are. Even Yngwie just shows plays a bunch of disconnected runs and calls it a day. Definitely a lot of who gives a shit performances. Gillis, Im looking at you.
Jesus. That’s terrible. Here is what I get from the Canadian version: 1) all of them need names given as they are unrecognizable 2) I think that forming a claw with your hand(s) while singing is thought to make you a better singer 3) the midget singer chewing gum and not singing toward the end of the video realizes it’s not worth the 100 bucks he was paid to show up for this gig.
In the mid-90’s I used to raid my uncle’s VHS stash for anything guitar-related I could find. I found a VHS that said “Frank Gambale, Hear N Aid, Queensryche Live In Tokyo, Dio Live” on the side and I still have it somewhere.

I watched that shit over and over as a 12 year old. Tate and Halford’s takes on there were just fucking ridiculous, minus Tate’s flubbed take. Rob just fucking wails it out. I remember seeing Dokken’s and thinking “Dude, did he beg to be let in the booth? He’s got to shake his fucking head to get vibrato” :ROFLMAO:

Wasn’t Vito Bratta on this as well? If I remember right, his take was pretty damn good. Yngwie’s definitely blew the doors off everyone else. Buck Dharma’s felt like a bit of a waste of time.

Years later, in high school, I showed it to the guys in my band. We were ripping bong hits in my truck one night when my buddy pulls all his hair forward out of his pony tail, making it all puffy in the front/top, puts his hand to his ear and starts rocking back and forth while singing “singers of songs….” copying Tate’s scene in the vid. 20 years later we still do that and lose it every time, we just don’t need to hide in my truck to take bong rips.

Then after, getting to see Ryche’s Live In Tokyo for the first time and being introduced to Dio. That’s about the time I knew I was born about 12 years too late (I was born in ‘82) because I loved that shit just as much, if not more than a lot of what was going on in the mid-90’s.
A noble effort that raised money for world hunger but too bad that shortly afterwards Yngwie took the loot and blew it on doughnuts as Vince Neil did on cheeseburgers.
Hey, Yngwie can eat donuts all he wants since he works out. Haven't you seen his leg kicks? That gold around his neck weights probably 40 lbs too...