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    My IronHorse amp build is on the bench

    Congrats! Very cool choice of tolex. And nice work on the headshell too. Looking forward to seeing the finished result. :thumbsup:
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    NGD: Chubtone Black Beauty

    Cheers guys! I'm so stoked with how this guitar turned out. For sure. :yes:
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    NGD: Chubtone Black Beauty

    I splurged a bit on the roasted flame maple neck and JWP bridge pickup which pushed the price north of $2000 USD. But a more straightforward build can come in under 2K.
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    NGD: Chubtone Black Beauty

    Man it plays like an old favorite. The perfect neck/board for me.
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    NGD: Chubtone Black Beauty

    Haha same here. Far too many ideas but not enough bread to go with them.
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    NGD: Chubtone Black Beauty

    Thanks D. I went with Seymour Duncan Cool Rails neck and middle. And splurged on a JWP Godwood for the bridge. Turns out the Godwood isn't a good fit sonically for this guitar, so I'll be swapping it out.
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    NGD: Chubtone Black Beauty

    Yeah same here. I took a bit of a risk with this one. Although technically it's brass. :D
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    NGD: Chubtone Black Beauty

    This thing is awesome! Plays so nice and sounds mean. Now it's near impossible to do a black guitar justice with pics. But I gave it a shot.
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    EVH 5150 III 100w EL34 - Blue Channel - Dynamic, Overdriven Clean clip

    Sounds great! Nice playing too. :thumbsup:
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    NAACD: Red Plate Magica and Achillies Vertical 2x12

    The Magica arrived a few days ago and the cab just got here today. The Achillies 2x12 has a Greenback on top and a Vintage 30 on the bottom. Tonally it's a perfect match. While I was waiting for the new 2x12 I tried the Magica through my 4x12 with the Redback/Creamback H75 x-pattern, and it just...
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    Finally Finished the Sims Build

    Looks great! What do you think of the Pariah Pasadena pickup?
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    NGD San Dimas

    Nice score! Love me some superstrat action! :rock:
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    Celestion Redbacks.

    Agreed with all the comments above. The Redbacks are thick and mean. They bring a heavy controlled low end and mix well with most any bright speaker. I prefer an X-pattern in my 4x12. X-pattern with Creamback 75s doing high gain:
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    And just like that; When The Music’s “60hz hum” is over !

    Nice rig! I have a couple of Lehle products and they work a treat.
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    NAD VHT Deliverance 120

    Sounds raw and mega pissed. Nice lead tone too. Congrats! :thumbsup: