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    What Happened to the Rig Talk Pedals?

    Whats it based on? Any pic? I remember a super low number of them were made
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    What Happened to the Rig Talk Pedals?

    What happened to all of the plank cranker rig talk boost pedals? Any OG dudes still have one hanging around? Haven’t seen one in years and no ones posted one for sale in a very long time!
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    Old Bogner XTC with Mercury Magnetic transformers

    FYI only the output transformer was MM, the PT was custom to his amp design.
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    Hell yeah congrats!!!! I used to play ibanez necks but as I got older I couldn’t bar chord on them anymore. I find chunky baseball bat necks provide the most comfort and control but I sacrifice speed and agility.
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    Found one - Metropoulos DVL-1

    Hand stuffed boards and PTP everything else, it’s no different than the old PCB JMP assembly method, but a lot more complicated.
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    Those of you that build your own guitar/patch cables, please step inside...

    I like mogami for front end and Daddario which was planet wave for post preamp and speaker cables. For mogami definitely neutrik cable ends.
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    Question for the high wattage amp guys here about playing at home

    The best way to get cranked big iron sound is cranked big iron. I don’t jack my master volumes as high as some here but when practicing I prefer not to - I don’t need to hear faults that loud. I have 95% big iron in my collection and they all get play time. Do they sound their best cranked? You...
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    Found one - Metropoulos DVL-1

    You’re very welcome! Welcome to the mile high club! It’s a killer amp!!!
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    Any companies making Norlin style imports?

    Own a 76 Norlin LPC clown burst as it’s been called with original T tops and I have to say, weight aside, it’s got a bite and attitude my 18 traditional and 19 standard just don’t have. The wood combination really does matter. Are the tributes thinner guitars or weight relieved? Part of it is...
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    Heads up on the newer Boss SD-1

    My vids are all with a made in Taiwan SD-1 which is similar
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    Heads up on the newer Boss SD-1

    I actually find the new SMD component design to be more aggressive since they use ceramic capacitors. The opamp is what’s holding it back though - the original hasn’t been around for a long time.
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    Heads up on the newer Boss SD-1

    They’ve been that way for a long time. Anything made in Taiwan is like this, anything made in Japan is the through hole design you’re thinking of. It’s why the originals are the price they are.
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    GGD: Oversized Cali clip. Morin Marshall CARCASS

    That Marshall is even more gnarly than mine. Damn that thing is a beast! 4 gain stages?
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    Question for the low wattage amp guys here about playing those things

    6505MH but it stays on the 20W setting. Unlike my Marshall’s or Bogner, when I turn it up I die a little inside. It’s gets louder but thinner, and just doesn’t begin to open up like the big iron stuff.
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    SLO Channel Bleed

    Bill is who techs Zakk Wylde’s JCM800s before he takes them on tours assuming he’s out of CA. I heard his name mentioned from Zakk in an interview recently.