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    VHX Updates

    There was a VHX.db file inside, did you delete it by accident maybe? Inside the zip file there is a bin file, did you rename the zip to bin or extracted the bin from the zip and copied it?
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    VHX Updates

    3.0 is out for beta 😊, please enjoy!
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    VHX Updates

    We are completing the testing phase with some close customer and it should be released within the week to beta! Shimmer reverb is now included as well!
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    VHX Updates

    In the meantime please use Pedal instead of poly, latency and sound are better for distorted tone than poly, still worse then new algorithm. Poly algorithm should only be used for clean complex chords, but it looks like it's not of a great use on VHX so the new algorithm would be way more...
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    VHX Updates

    There would be soon a beta whit the following changes already implemented and more to go: Rotary effect Dual Delay New Delays (Digital, Analog, Tape) New Reverbs (Plate, Room, Hall, Spring) Reverb and Delay tails with global setting CC after PC sent fast fix (CC might happen before PC bug) CC96...
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    Questions on VHX and cab

    Hi :) 1-2-3-4) Pre loop is remote switched loop wired to the input. It can be used for example to use a BOOST or any effect chain, you can have the boost always on and with a midi command (or switching presets) it could turn it automatically off. 5) Not at the moment 6) I know someone that is...
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    The boys

    Can you both send me a PM? I will check, sometimes email get lost! Thank you!
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    VHX Help - firmware/presets

    Sure 😊, thank you!
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    Smaller Wattage Diezel

    Thank you, not to be fussy but that's exactly what I said previously if you read my last post some months ago! No tactics here, we always did release, picture and video after availability!
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    Smaller Wattage Diezel

    As follow up, it is ready and finalized since end of last year, no further development is needed. Production is awaiting because other models existing and new orders, there was an unexpected peak that kept us really busy! The reason we are not posting pictures and info and talking about it is...
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    VHX Help - firmware/presets

    Dear Dean and welcome to VHX family :) Currently the controllable parameter are the one in the manual, as zeen carefully listed! But we are open to evaluate additional one! Enjoy it :)
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    Just got a VHX! Help with a legato lead tone

    Welcome to the Diezel family :) As for the question I think you shouldn't have any issue with the tone you are looking for by using: Red Channel Shape at 2 Gain at 0.65 EQ wise i like pushing mids and roll off treble, like: Treble 0.55 Mids 0.75 Bass 0.65 Presence 0.55 Deep 0.5 Then a bit...
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    Expression Pedal w/ VHX pitch shifter

    Yes, Pitch Shifter and Wah can be controlled using Midi expression pedal, meaning CC Midi message. You can either use a midi pedalboard that has expression pedal input or with integrated pedal, and attach it on the back using a standard midi cable. There are a lot of user doing it!
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    Help picking a diezel

    Or better: VHX - the Leonardo da Vinci of refinement & options! No offense to Elon 😂😂
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    Questions for VH2 owners

    Well that's a pretty good setting! I'd say that once you get used to the dynamic feeling you would reduce gain a bit as well, expecially at high volume. EQ wise It seems perfect to my taste too, with that configuration I usually would run Bass to 0.65 with my guitars/cabs. With the diezel CAB...