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    New cool amp on the way: Carstens amplification GRACE

    If he has so much dough tell him to get me one too please
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    Declining Quality - Gibson Guitars

    I would never buy another Gibson after my 2017 hp
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    I’m a bitcoin squillionaire…GIVE AWAY

    With money like that you could buy me a suhr, just saying
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    Major guitar theft San Jose / SF Bay Area

    Umm yeah, I have had things stolen. In fact I had my only guitar stolen in my early 20’s. That shit hurt, but when you have 200? Come on, they didn’t mean anything to him more than an investment. He could have easily sold some and bought a place to put the rest. They were just objects to him so...
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    Major guitar theft San Jose / SF Bay Area

    I hate thieves too, but it’s not like he was using them. They were just tokens of his greed.
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    Mesa Mark ? - What Is this?

    Got a blue stripe?
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    Gibson Quality

    Lo Love my robotune. I can get any tuning in 10 seconds. Lots of flack for an awesome device
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    Sweetwater has been bought out.

    I hate his videos. The bald guy and don with the long hair. All 3 suck
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    Wtb: Ibanez rg770 in laser blue

    Looking for an original with the pickup rings. Hit me up if you have one or know where to get one. US only
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    Free To A Good Home...

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    Is this 7k Charvel Music Zoo series?

    I think it’s about 6k too much
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    Any guys here still playing a stock 2203

    Mine is stock
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    Sweetwater has been bought out.

    Because they are annoying and creepy. Constantly calling. The reps have no more knowledge than you can find out online. I don’t know if they still do it, but they used to make their reps live there in a dorm like environment. Just plain weird