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    DIO: Dreamers Never Die

    Yep it was amazing. Loved it.
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    Eric Steckel how many of you have checked him out

    I prefer pre sober Gales. 1995 with Shawn Lane is killer. So much fire back then.
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    Eric Steckel how many of you have checked him out

    Good player but a shadow of a player compared to guys like Gary Moore, Eric Gales, Andy Wood, Andy Timmons, Richie Kotzen, Lukather, ywngie and a bunch of others.
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    Looking for a Monomyth modded Marshall

    I have the modded origin too. Just got done playing it. Surrounded by an SLO 100 and a Redplate Magica and a Naylor SuperDrive 60. It can hang with anything. Complete beast.
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    Guitar Sanctuary Texas…

    The Best!!! GReat service and no tax etc.
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    What amps have you not had ?

    Larry and Wizard MTL. Thats about it.
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    Jose preamp clip, sleezy rock

    Love the moto teddy. Issue is a genius
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    Allan Holdsworth - Devil Take the Hindmost

    So good!!! Love it. You are to be commended for the playing and tone. Freeking killer!
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    2020 Soldano SLO 100 SOLD

    Kevin packed this amp as good as it gets. He also provided me with a great amp exactly as described. Great seller and I highly recommend him!!
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    2020 Soldano SLO 100 SOLD

    thank you. It’s been years since I had one. Can’t wait!
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    2020 Soldano SLO 100 SOLD

    I will take it. Friends and family no problem. Just promise you will pack it well. send me your paypal ID to
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    Sold Bogner/Zuta 25 1375.00

    I had the bogner version. These are great amps. Someone should buy this.
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    Price check on a Mako Dorado

    FYI the amps were not that good. I had plenty of high gainers at the time. Well built and sounded good but I had and have plenty that sounded better.
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    Price check on a Mako Dorado

    $1200. Like many amps that came out back then. Cauble, Mako, Roccaforte and others. Nice handwired builds. Also non handwired stuff like Elmwoods and others . $1200 would be a fair price. $1500 to $2000 way too high. Low resale value makes it a losing proposition to overpay. I had both. Andrew...