I agree, though it does suck that Hunter‘s night got ruined by Clason (19th) and Friese (Dnf) and neither one of those guys could crack the top 15.

Friese is like the carnage guy on the insurance commercials
I just hate to see a privateer roll over for a Factory guy, no matter who it is
So we lost how many guys the first race?
Just in the 450's, I think 4 or 5?
Not sure about the 250's

I just can't see the BS with Friese continuing, those guys should take him right off the back of the tallest berm in the stadium..
A berm that has no mullet net around it, and no dirt on the backside, just concrete. :LOL:
I'll be at the Supercross on March 30th in St Louis. If anyone is in town let me know, I will drive you around.
Thats very kind of you sir, but I won't be able to make SL this year. I appreciate the offer, would have been cool to hook up :cheers:
Would that also explain a possible brain/mental injury?

Very interesting!
I think he must be a democrat...
From that angle it all makes perfect sense. :D
And from that angle we should expect much more blatant stupidity on full display...
Unless of course they full send him off the back of a berm into the concrete. :2thumbsup:
Time will tell....
Possible rain for SF, but they have it covered up real good for the moment. If it gets muddy, hold on to your hats, it will get crazy...
The lions will all be trying to take down the gazelle in the great equalizer :LOL:

Well that was interesting, exciting and boring all at the same time... :LOL:
Good on AP7 for the win!
The Lawrence brothers have this weird thing about grabbing other peoples helmets when they want to make a point, then the AMA goons want to fine Anderson for grabbing back and shoving his arm off of him? That is utter bullshit and they should be called out on it. I notice Jett offered to pay Andersons fine, which tells me even he see's that its bullshit.
Hunter did the same thing last year to somebody (can't remember who)
The older vet warhorses can make life suck for you if you think they are supposed to just get out of your way because your a unicorn :D