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Saw Slash two years ago and he was playing much better than 30 years ago. More precise, more technical, faster. Was quite surprised to tell the truth.

Yeah Slash is actually technically better now than he has ever been BUT he has over estimated his prowress by a long shot because its the same 5-6 runs way overplayed in extended solos which killed the vibe for me. Sure he used to be strung out, but his note choice and phrasing was better. I wouldn't include him in the don't give a F crowd though. I was impressed Kirk stayed off the wah at the beginning and held out until the end.


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This latest tour he was very sloppy and he’s main solo was sloppy blues . He didn’t rip at all . And seemed Richard did all the shredding that night . He was even hacking the slow November rain solos .Msybe it was just a bad night . But I was shocked because 2017 he was killer

Maybe he's back on the booze because 2017 as i mentioned he overplayed but he was "on".


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Integrity never goes out of style "homeboy". Thank fucking God! Enjoy the parody.



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Production aside, I'll take the majority of Death Magnetic over the majority of the black album any day of the week.
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I will say this. Metallica is my favorite band but when I saw them on the Black Album tour and Hardwired, they were not awesome shows. I wish I could have seen them in 85'-86'.


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I dont speak

That's your only actual contribution, repeating the same old butthurt trolling.

Just the last record alone has a few good songs already. Are they as good as Orion or Master Of Puppets? Obviously not, but that's hardly the point, they have already done everything they could have done and beyond what any other metal band could have dreamt of.

If you make that utterly ridiculous comparison between their prime material and their new material, you're only fooling yourself. Nobody with an ounce of a brain expects a Master Of Puppets 2 or for James to sing as good as he did in the 80/90’s, but that doesn’t mean there isn't good music made in the last decades.

You don't like it? Your loss, but there has been plenty of good music worth writing in the last 30 years.


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The guitar hero edition was the same mix as the vinyl you speak of. A lot better than the actual release
DM was remastered around 2015/16 when it was put on the "Mastered for iTunes". It wasn't publicised just fixed. Take another listen and see if you agree. It's still a loud mix but not atrocious like it was. You can more clearly hear the bass and vocals without being assaulted by the drum mix obliterating it all. I don't know if iTunes remastered it better or Metallica had to to meet the MFiT requirements. Perhaps they kept it quiet as to avoid people saying "If you fixed Death Magnetic then fix AJFA also!" :)