Aerosmith - Brad Whitford's Vooodo Amps Modded JTM45


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From May 23rd

Brad Whitford of Aerosmith – We worked on this amp back at the same time we Modded the ’74 Super Lead for Brad, which his also on the road with him. This amp started out life as a Reissue JTM45 & arrived to us in non working order. Once the amp was repaired I designed a Custom Circuit loosely based around a couple of the best sounding original JTM45’s I’ve ever worked on & blended it with a 1987 Super Lead’esq vibe. There is a push/pull control that allows for a smoother or more compressed feel as well as an option for more touch sensitivity. We kept with the theme of using a 5AR4 / GZ34 Rectifier Tube but instead of KT66’s I chose 6L6’s along with a Custom CapJob & no Master Volume. It stands on its own & blends amazingly well with the previous amp we did for Brad. Feel free to share as you like or tag a friend. Have a great week, a great Memorial Day Weekend & please do a kindness for someone along the way – Trace Davis, President / Founder