Am I at a disadvantage with the CAB?


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I was wondering, given that the CAB M can load IRs with 200ms length, am I missing out on quality in terms of tone, with the CAB? I'm really happy with the CAB , but i'm really not sure why the 200ms option was added with the CAB M. Experts usually say that 18.5 milliseconds is enough to capture all the details generated by the speaker, and everything beyond that is just room ambience and early reflections - which can be easily added with the onboard room simulation on the CAB.

Is there some special sauce or ingredient that I'm being deprived of, with CABs irs being truncated at 40ms?

Dilan - Two notes

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you are right, around 20ms, it is mainly the cabinet signal that is captured. The 200 ms gives a bit more precision in the low end but nothing that can be considered a deprivation in your case.
The option was added in C.A.B. M because it has more DSP power.