Announcement: Fortin – Randall – Metallica & more


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Hey Guys!

I am proud to announce that I will be designing, as well as overseeing the production of, a new tube amplifier line with Randall. This includes a new amp for Kirk Hammett, which is based off the MEATHEAD amplifier. The picture that just surfaced is based on my Meathead that I hand built for Kirk and Randall. Here are a couple of pics of them. The production versions will not say Meathead on them, cosmetics will much different and non-toilet tank looking i.e. smaller in height. These are just protos at the moment:

Proto 1

Proto 2

I flew down with Randall in late August to Metallica HQ in SF. We brought 2 prototype amps and a new 4x12 cab. We got to meet everyone there. We got face time with both Kirk and James. At one point each of them were playing through both amps at once. That was a super cool moment for me! Kirk’s proto stayed and went directly into his rack. The other amp unfortunately we could not leave it with James because it belonged to one of my customers. First show with the new Randall proto was the Big 4 show at Yankee Stadium. After that, the rig went over to India for all those shows in that part of the world. We just delivered his 2nd prototype days after US Thanksgiving.

Another aspect of my involvement will include addressing some of their current production amps, tube and solid state. In case some of you were not aware, Randall was purchased by JAM Industries in Aug. 2009. There have been lots of changes at US Music Corp. The people that I will be working with have their hearts 100% into making killer quality amplifiers. I feel honored that I have been given the opportunity to be part of the team that breath life back into Randall’s product line. JAM is investing a lot of resources into bring Randall back on the map.

As for Fortin Amps, that will still continue. I will be bringing on some people shortly to help with certain aspects of the business. I am switching production over so I can get off the bench and more units can head out the door with much less wait times. This Randall project has taken a lot of time and effort, which has affect my ability to fill orders. This is not an excuse, it is completely my fault. I sincerely apologize to the customers I’ve had to refund orders to, turn down for modification works, and inability to accept new orders.

Stay tuned, there are lots more stuff to come in 2012!!! :rock:


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Much respect Mike. Your amp work is fantastic and it's great seeing you get recognition on a larger scale, much deserved that is.


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Skrapmetal":lirlpsrv said:
Hah, so that thread this morning about Kirk re-badging a Fortin was all wrong.

The people saying Kirk rebadged it were wrong, lol.


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That's awesome, Mike!! Good luck to ya, must be pretty exciting to get your amp line recognized like this!! :rock: :rock:


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that's some great news man...... now, talk to us about that moment man.........Kirk and James together playing your amps...... any cool story?

Now we know Kirk will be an all Randall rig, but is Hetfield looking to turn away from his Diezels or the Mesa stuff?


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Congrats, any chance you'll be working on the MTS line? That could always use some new developments :)


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Congrats!!! Randall's lucky to have you on board - they could really use a killer amp design right about now.

I look forward to checking out the end result!


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Congrats that is fantastic! Can you retool Nuno's amp too and make in the US? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:


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:rawk: Awesome Mike!! You know I wish you all the best man, you've worked hard and you deserve this opportunity!