Announcement: Fortin – Randall – Metallica & more


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Mike is the freakin MAN. I'm thrilled that Mike is being recognized for his great work. Even better, he's a great person as well and has always provided top notch customer service.

Cheers to MIKE!
Good show old chap! :rock:



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Awesome news Mike .Excited to hear of new designs you have. hopefully you can find a place for the Cali mod .etc


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Congrats!! It must have been unbelievable to hear Hetfield playing through one of your amps :rock: I would love to hear the back-story on how all of this came about...


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That is fucking awesome Mike, congrats!!!!

You should tell them that the original century 200 was an amazing SS amp and they should rerelease it, those were my favorites among all of their amps..... But I'm seriously stoked to see what you guys come out with, I'm an old school Randall fanboy. ;)


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Ace work... Make sure they treat you well, and remember - don't go changing!!

Maybe, if given another opportunity to work closely with Metallica, you could modify Kirk's wah to have an OFF/OFF toggle :dunno:

Seriously, mega congrats... You going to stay in ON??

Mo :salute:


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Kirk from Metallica":vlnbv7ub said:
I'm really glad to be working with Randall AND Fortin, can it get any better than that? James won't leave my amp alone!

For real? Or troll?

Hope your the real deal, would be cool to have both Gary and Kirk from Exodus on here... Metalliwho? :LOL: :LOL: