Are you a pedalboard guru?

Trying to assemble MONSTER pedalboard
and looking for advice on how to do this right.
Components are Line 6 wireless relay, Dunlop wah,
Radial ABY splitter, Diamond drive compressor,
Way Huge Pork Loin, Sans Amp, Plexitone,
MXR chorus, Zakk W phaser, Vortex Flanger,
MXR 10 band EQ, TC Flashback Delay, Eventide
Space Reverb, Harmony Man harmonizer,
TC Super Ego, two noise gates going to separate
amplifiers and a Crocodile Tail audio looper to
control this effect pedal nightmare.


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Here is how I did mine...... I went with the Iguana looper, but same idea. I also use a two switch loop to activate the effects in Iguana looper.

My basic signal is guitar goes into the Wah, then to the rook, and out.........Rook and Wah are true bypass, or I can turn on the buffer on the wah which has a dial as to how much. This way, I can just turn on my wah and use it, and turn it off..... No tap dancing to put it in the loops.

I then have all my other effects hooked up to the Iguana. That loop is turned on and off by the Redzone looper on the left. Turn on what you want for effects, and it doesn't engage until you put them in the loop, by stepping on the redzone looper, labeled "Effects". One step to turn them all on, and off.

The second loop on the redzone is for solos, and controls the Delay, and Rook Royal. It takes my dry signal and one step on the Redzone, and I have my delay and boost for solos.

This allows me to either have my dry guitar signal with the wah and rook,
have a solo switch to turn on just my Delay and boost (Rook Royal)
or turn on any combination of effects on the Iguana, then step on one switch to turn them all on or off......

The Voodoo Labs Amp switcher runs my 3 amps, 2- Voodoo V-plex's and 1-Voodoo V-rock.

As Far as which order, lots of websites show that. The basic is:

Guitar --> WAH (some like it here before distortion)---Compressor/Volume/Boost --> Filter effects --> Pitch related effects --> Distortion effects -->Modulation effects(Chorus, Flange, Phaser) --> Echo and time-based effects --> Amp

Line 6 wireless relay,
Dunlop wah,
Diamond drive compressor,
Harmony Man harmonizer,
MXR 10 band EQ,
Way Huge Pork Loin,
Sans Amp,
MXR chorus,
Zakk W phaser,
Vortex Flanger,
TC Flashback Delay,
TC Super Ego,(don't know this pedal, is this a delay?) If so, it could go here........
Eventide Space Reverb,

two noise gates going to separate amps...... Usually Noise gates go in the front, or after the distortion pedals, before your Delay......

I would suggest doing something like what I'm doing with the SOLO loop, with a boost and a delay since you have 3 distortion pedals, and 2 delays. One switch turns on a boost and delay for Soloing.