Battling Lung Cancer and Receiving Blessings from Zakk Wylde

I noticed you hadn’t posted vids recently!
All the best with your recovery.

The ZW things is just awesome.
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It's pretty hard to type with tears rolling down my cheeks. I'm wishing you a speedy recovery! That just absolutely floored me, what a great thing for him to do. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your videos in the future God-bless & get well soon.
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Brother Todd!! I saw the post on FB and the GN group. I have to say reading it all brought a test to my eye. Keep up the fight and we’ll keep praying for you. I’m absolutely amazed at what Zack did. He’s obviously a cool guy. Get better soon man! I’m jonesing to see Ozz around H-Town again!
That is beyond cool! Sending good vibes and prayers to you brother on your way to full recovery! I hope you feel better soon.
Wow. That is intense. So sad to hear your story but then so glad to hear this story. Mojo sent. You can kick this.

Always impressed with your playing and more recently, your video capture progression of your live shows.

This is one of the coolest things I've seen happen. Zach is the man! :yes:

Had no idea you were going through this.
Glad you on the other side of it.
The video made me weep(I've been very emo lately).
Stay strong. Be glad you have a woman beside you.
Horrific news, but what an honor.

I saw Zakk Sabbath in 2019. For all I know Zakk was playing that very guitar. His tone was absolutely incredible, and the show was insane. Children of the Grave just about knocked me on my ass it was so heavy.
Love all your clips man. You are so talented, you can beat this and never look back. Amazing to hear what a big heart Zakk has for his people that must have lifted you up when u never expected it...God bless and many many more blessings my friend. Be strong!!!!
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So sorry to hear about your condition, and so glad to hear how well you’re doing, and how hard you’re fighting. Keep it up brotha, and give it Hell. Amazing think that ZW did too, what a class act.