Battling Lung Cancer and Receiving Blessings from Zakk Wylde

The internet has brought so much negativity but has allowed us to reach people we never would have been able to in the past. It’s allowed us to gather in groups and support each other in many thing and ways. Here’s a great example of the good it’s brought.

Get well bro and congrats, I am sure you’re floored. Big props to ZW for this, amazing dude. Thanks for letting us share this experience with you and support you in your recovery!!
Man this post brought tears to my eyes for everyone involved. I am sorry you are going through this and wish you a speedy recovery. I am 50 too and maybe the tears comes faster these days. Such a great gesture from Zakk and I love when people do things like this and go out of their way to touch someone's life. Always been a huge Zakk fan myself and now I am a fan of yours.
I have been blown away be every video you have posted. Please continue to get well. We all must cherish every moment on this earth. And what great props for Zakk. I had the pleasure of meeting Zakk in 1989 while he was doing guitar clinics to promote No Rest. It sounds like he hasn’t changed.
That’s pretty awesome to see how a guy like Zakk hasn’t lost touch and really cares enough to do something like that to lift a fan’s spirits. I hope OP has nuked cancer into remission for good.
Kick cancer’s ass !!! Sending positive vibes your way !

Zakk Wylde, a class act. How many other big time rockers would do that ??? Very cool of him and for you.
@victim5150 Todd, you forgot to post the cool pics of Zakk playing it on tour like you did over at Fractal:
Hoping you are on the downside of cancer now and on the upside to being cancer free... and also hoping you will feel like playing again real soon.
I’ll elaborate on that. On Tuesday night around 10pm Zakk text me with pics of him playing the guitar on tour. We then text about guitars and gear on and off for about 2 hrs. I was laying in bed texting with Zakk Wylde. It’s sounds so strange to even say that. 😂
You’re a true warrior, man. So sorry to hear about cancer and the pain it’s caused. I wish and pray nothing but a total healing for you.
That’s beyond cool that Zakk did that. My respect for him is massively increased. Hope you’re back in the saddle soon. Your band rocks, so does your playing, and your live tone just crushes.
Always enjoyed your band and your incredible playing! Best wishes and a speedy recovery to you! I had cancer when I was 30 years old and beat it and you will too!

That was so awesome of Zakk to do that as well. I respect him now more than ever!
Every once in awhile I start to feel a little down, or sorry for myself, but then I see someone who is going through a helluva lot more than I am. Sending prayers your way. Hope you come through this and return to a happy healthy life. I have a new respect for Zakk... awesome gift and keeping in touch is over the top. Love that axe!