Boss re-202 issues


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First off here is the instructions

So after two days of trying to get this this to work in my pedalboard setup I have these issues.

1) I can put this in my 5150iii loop and as soon as I turn the loop on,big volume drop.
With or without the pedal fx on. Tried the guitar/line level button. Nothing

2) No midi thru. (I haven’t tried receiving commands yet just thru). Reset the midi thru and double checked it. Checked midi cables except the female midi to stereo plug this damn pedal is for. Nothing
Check midi send , nothing

Anyone have this pedal setup?


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Ok got it working.I’m gonna log my experience so others can find this and get it working as the manual sux.

You gotta use the boss midi to trs cables those cheaper one aren’t right.
And the cc# is 27 ,0-64 to turn on and 65-128 to turn off.

The volume drop when the pedal is engaged was from the factory setup.
Look in the manual for the “direct sound/direct mode” and set it to 1.
You can now hear a difference with the “guitar/line” button. Now use the saturation Knob to adjust the output volume to taste.
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I think it sounds pretty good. I like the saturation knob. It can give a nice boost to your signal. Obviously sounds best for clean or low gain stuff.