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Self described "Polka-metal"

A better description - Chef Frank Zappa mixes in a large bowl, one cup of Lamb of God, one cup of Children of Bodom, a quarter cup of ELP, a quarter cup of Yes, and a quarter cup of Dream Theatre, in a separate bowl mix a quarter cup jazz and country, mix until it sounds like polka. Add all the ingredients together and sprinkle the whole thing with King Crimson and Genesis, bake for 1 hour and 19 minutes.

*Warning* - Goosebumps will develop after a few listens and the hair on the back of your head will be apparent after a dozen or so listens. If you've had a tough past two years you'll most likely weep when you read the lyrics, fucking DEEEEEEP!

I love it . What a great band . The whole concept of playing all types of music in one form is what I wanted to do but was always out voted . Colors is a perfect album . Too early to still judge this one yet
Bold of them to try to follow up Colors at all. To think that they did with The Great Misdirect and the Parallax albums says something.

Oh, and being in a band that genre frolics is awesome. Being able to go from death metal to reggae to jazz to grindcore is a lot of fun. I wouldn't be yodeling over double bass in a country metal song if it weren't for BTBAM.
So with people posting "Africa" and Havoc clips up, I thought I'd mention, again, that there is new music that is available. No, it won't be on the radio and you may need to listen to it a couple of times to get acquainted with how music sounds these days. It was recorded after 2000 so it cannot be put into rotation in today's big hits radio stations.