CAB M and bluetooth = 10 seconds to change a param


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I use the CAB M between amp and column. I am using the remote app on a Huawei P20 Pro.

Everything is updated correctly (firmware on the CAB M, last android version on the phone).

When changing a parameter on the phone it takes like 10 seconds before I can hear the change ...

I am placed like 5 meters away from the amp (and the CAB M).

Is it normal? Does it work better with iOS?

Thanks for your return.




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Hi philmartins,

there are documented issue between Huawei and Bluettoth LE (the open protocole that we use) because of some choices made by Huawei in terms of hardware architecture. We are trying to make it work better but it's a pain, and Huawei doesn't seem to care.

CAB m works perfectly with iOS, yes.


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okay so no issue with iOS. It works perfectly.

With Android it starts well and then after a while the performance is getting worse ... until the point where I have to wait 8 seconds to hear the change.

When I change on the cab m it is direct but 8 seconds from the phone.

Will stay with iOS for this ...