Captor X (16ohms) - set up question


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I have just purchased the Captor X and I'm am experiencing some sound quality issues with it, my setup is as follows:

Guitar>Pedals>Friedman Runt 20 Head>Captor X>Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 (via XLR/TRS cables).

The clean channel sounds are fine from what I've used so far, no issues here. Switching to the gain channel it doesn't sound as good, a little too thin but it sounds even worse when I switch on my OD pedals. Just sounds thin and fizzy, my pedals are the Friedman BE-OD and Big Muff Fuzz.

I feel like there is something fundamentally wrong with my setup or the configuration of the Two Notes software. Has anyone else experienced something similar and able to offer any advice?

I have put in a support request to Two Notes and read the manual a couple of times. I know my pedals, amp and interface are ok as the Freidman Runt has a built in CAB sim which I connected via XLR and it sounded absolutely fine!



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What setup are you using for TorpedoRemote?
Levels on the Scarlett properly tweaked?
Routing properly sorted within FC?
Are you disabling the cab sim from the Runt before hitting the signal in TorpedoRemote?
If not use Bypass to keep the cab sim in place maybe?

Let us know.