Captor X vs Torpedo Reload


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Currently I'm thinking to buy Captor X or Torpedo Reload. Except obvious features difference - there is a difference in CAB sound using attenuation. Could you please explain the conception behind?

For instance if I set Contour on 0 (which according to description should preserve real sound of an Amp) it's soooo DARK in comparison with Captor X and to get closer to Captor X (almost) I need to set Contour on Torpedo Reload to maximum bright (clockwise).

So where is the truth? Which sound is "real-amp"? Passive Captor X or Torpedo Reload with Contour on 0?
That's a really hard question to answer, as the contour reacts differently depending on all manner of things.

I personally find that in controlled conditions, and I mean really listening under headphones in a studio environment, the ReLoad is the most transparent and has the most faithful replication of the tone