[CAPTURE MASTER] Le Mirador // New Cabs!

Sylvain Briat

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Hi Guys,

I'm Sylvain. I'm working as guitarist and producer in Le Mirador a studio based in south of France.

List of our captures:

-Brit Frizz / 4x12 destroy cab probably a Marshall one
-Brit Green / 4x12 vintage Marshall B type basketwawes tolex and original UK's Greenback speakers
-Brit White / 4x12 Marshall B type white elephant tolex loaded with Celestion G12T-75.
-Calif over / 1x12 Mesaboogie oversized loaded with BlackShadow speaker
-FxampsStd / 1x12 boutique one loaded with WGS et65
-TangerBlak / 2x12 Orange cab but black :)
-Voice T60 / 2x15 vintage Vox cab for guitar or bass
-Silver10 / 1x10 Fender Princeton reverb

-SuperCTS / Fender Blackface 1966 Super Reverb loaded with four originals blue label 10' Chicago Telephone Supply alnico speakers.
-Deluxe / Fender Silverface Deluxe Reverb 1×12” loaded with his original Jensen P12N made in Italia.
-Mars40 / 1x15 guitar cab, vintage rarity. The sound of martians guitarist in the 1940's.
-BritGreen2 / Vintage Marshall 4x12 with original Greenbacks with 8 new mics (including omni small condensers giving new room sound possibilities).
-Silver102 / Fender Princeton Reverb with 8 new mics.
-Voice30Blue / Vox AC30 loaded by the famous Celestion Blue AlNiCo

Batch#3 (metal cabs)
-Angl 60C 2 / Engl 4x12
-AnglPro212 / Engl 2x12 (v30)
-Rand Trasher / Randall 4x12
-Rand RV412 / Randall 4x12
-Budha212C / Budda US boutique 2x12
-HK Box / Hugues and Kettner TM112 1x12 (v30)
-HK Giant / Hugues and Kettner CC 412 WA 30 4x12 (v30)
-Neo Class / DV Mark Neoclassic 4x12 (neodyum specials speakers)
-BritMega / Dave Mustaine signature 1960DM high end quality 4x12 (Vintage G12)
-Angl XXL / Engl 412 XXL-BK very ovesized 4x12 (very fat cab -> sounds very fat!) (v30)
-CalifRecto / legendary Mesa Boogie 4x12 Recto® Standard OS Slant Cabinet
-CalifHorizontal / legendary Mesa Boogie 2x12 Recto® Horizontal Cabinet Guitare 4x12 Closed On Sale Preview
-CalifRect2 /Mesa Boogie 4x12 Recto captured with 4 others mics (AKG c414, Shure ksm141, Shoeps cmc5, Telefunken AK47) using omni and cardioid pattern giving new room sound possibilities.

Batch#4 (bass) (in progress)

-AmpOld / old Ampeg BT25 / 2x15 sound huge
-BomBasstic / Acoustic MODEL 402 / 2x15 excellent for bass and also synths and deep clean guitar
-BassFlex / original vintage Ampeg Portaflex 1x15 / First Grade Bass Cab
-SilverRumble / new Fender Bass Rumble serie (v3) / killer sound
-SilverBass / vintage Silverface 2x15 Bassman / Huge Bass and Mojo (*coming soon)

Batch#5 (guitar cabs) (in progress)

-Indiana / KSR amplification 212 / 2x12 loaded by Celestion Lynchback big indiana boutique sound
-Dynadream / Revv high end canadian boutique / 2x10 loaded by WGS ET10
-BritGreen#3 / Holy Grail Marshall Grennback cab capture with porn mic list (u47Fet...)
-Voice30 / VOX AC30 blueAlNiCO / The UK sound !!
-Greatsh / Old Gretsch amp ! / Vintage signature
-BritStraight / Marshall 1960B with 4 Greenbacks G12M / grrrrr

For more details http://store.two-notes.com/index.php?id_category=32&controller=category&id_lang=1&n=50

Cabs was placed in our main room designed by Michel Deluc in a very musical way.
We used preamps of our MCI vintage analog desk.

Mic list:
-Neumann U47 Tube (vintage one)
-AEA 92 (ribbon mic particullary good on guitar amp)
-AKG C 414 (omni or cardioid pattern)
-Sennheiser MD421 (white vintage one)
-Shure SM7B
-Beyerdynamic M88
-Beyerdynamic M 201 TG
-Shure SM57

-Shure ksm141
-Shure ksm141 omni
-Shoeps cmc5
-Shoeps cmc5 omni
-Neumann U87 (vintage one)
-Royer R121
-Sony c37A Tube
-BeyerDynamic m380
-Telefunken AK47 (omni or cardioid pattern)
-Audio Technica AT 4033
-Neumann U47 Fet (vintage one)
-Beyerdynamic m160
-ElectroVoice re20
-Sennheiser 441
-Coles 4038
-Sennheiser e906
-Phone mic (true one!)


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Hi Sylvain!

Thanks for a great addition of cabs!
I really like some of these, especially the "vintage" ones, as that's what I usually go for. Your cabs have a fatness I love.
Very happy to finally see a Neumann U47 Tube mic also. Will get the Princeton as soon as it's available.

Keep up the good work – would love to see a few vintage fender and vox cabs :thumbsup:



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That's awesome, the 10" Princeton is a classic that really was missing from the essentials list, so many 70's albums done with that amp. It's also very common choice for mellower indy rock and of course Clavinet amongst others.



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Great news, looking forward to getting some (especially the Princeton 10").

I'd like to request some vintage open back Vox Cabs with Celestion Silver(s) or Blue(s) for my Vox AC30TB tube preamp if possible (they are typically common in the EU).

I've done a lot of work on vintage MCI consoles, can't wait to hear these captures, Merci!

Sylvain Briat

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Hi Guys!

really happy to read you. :)

The Princeton Reverb is mine and it's true love story on stage and on studio. :yes:

For those who love vintage tones, I specially recommand to try the Vox T60.
Even it's a bass cabinet, imho it's wonderfull on guitar sound.

We are preparing a second batch.
So don't hesitate to tell us what do you prefer and what do you think about this captures.

We haven't do many test but AEA92 and U47 tube seems to be royals choices don't you think? :D

Keep rockin' the free world. :rock:
djd100":3oks9w9l said:
I'd like to request some vintage open back Vox Cabs with Celestion Silver(s) or Blue(s) for my Vox AC30TB tube preamp if possible (they are typically common in the EU).
guillaume_pille":3oks9w9l said:
The stock cabinets Voice 30 and VoiceModrn are Vox with Celestion Blue and Silver. ;)

a small clarification .... :)

Voice 30 = 2x12" VOX AC30 JMI, Celestion Silver Bell
VoiceModrn = 2x12" VOX V212H, Celestion Alnico Blue
Voice 65 = 2x12" 1965 VOX AC30/6, with stock Celestion Alnico


Brit Frizz is simply amazing! And I'm not even into british sound. It just sounds powerful and clear, with lots of highs, but not the nasty fizzy highs.
I like that the cab has a more useful range on the "center" parameter. A lot of cabs already sound too muffled for me with center at 10%, so there's not much room to tweak.
Just bought the BritGreen aswell, you guys know how to make the SM57 sound great, I didn't like the 57 on a lot of other cabs.
I'd love to see a Rivera K 412T with V30s
Keep 'em coming guys! :)


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Yeah, I'm digging the BritFrizz too. It's got it's own thing going on. It looks like there are a couple of different speakers in the picture. What kind of speaker was used for the capture, a G12T-75?

Sylvain Briat

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I'm happy to note your interest for our work. It's motivating! :)

Yeah, I'm digging the BritFrizz too. It's got it's own thing going on. It looks like there are a couple of different speakers in the picture. What kind of speaker was used for the capture, a G12T-75?

I'm not really sure about the speakers of the BritFrizz. It seems to be four G12T-75 but I'm not sure.
For this capture we used the left bottom one. I have try every cabs of the Studio Mirador's bundle in real life... This one as a f"'(§!ù^ mojo!

There's a lot of parameters who define a guitar sound.
In this case, my only certainty it's that the room and the console's preamp are ultra musical and built with highest care of every detail.
I'm convinced that's two big points. Room and preamp... Of course mic like legendary vintage U47 tube could help. :LOL: :LOL:

Anyway, we are really proud to bring our little contribution to two notes capture masters and to guitarists all over the world!!

It's only rock'n'roll... But we like it. :rock: :D

Sylvain Briat

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some picture of our capture... :)


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I just bought the Tangerblak (Orange 2x12 ) and OMG the sound is excelent with Orange Tinyterror : o

I bought too the BritWhite for my Engl E530, and i can't live without it :)

Really great job !

Sylvain Briat

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Hi Eglyn,
nice to meet you virtually.
Tiny terror and Engl530 are amps that I like and I used so many times. :)

I have recently recorded guitars using the Silver10.
I hope it would be available soon in La Boutique.
Ten inches speakers are really interesting and princeton reverb is great!