Classifieds Ad Retainment


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I literally just did a search in the classifieds and was pulling ads that were as far back as April of 2017.

I would think 90 days of no activity serves as plenty of time for an ad to stay alive to reduce clutter when searching for items. Over a year old expired ads are uncalled for, especially since users cannot delete sold listings.


Report them when you find them and we'll know they're old and we can delete them. Otherwise, I'm probably(definitely) not going to look past the first page to find things to delete. Oh and, yes, users can delete their own ads by deleting the first message.


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90 days is fine. Other forums have a rolling option like that..not sure how that would work in the code, but its a thing.


Nope they bunch up.
Once a few moons I purge them.
But I don’t let them control my life. :D
You guys wanna respond to a post from 2014??
Knock your self out.
Just stop crying to the mods. :LOL: :LOL: