Considering a Ceriatone Yeti or Molecular


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What recommendations would you make?
A stock vintage JCM800 or JMP2203 with a good boost. Hard to beat over 40 years later... Other than maybe a good Cameron mod, they kill any other modded Marshall I’ve been through. A legendary amp with nothing wrong with it as is that still somehow gets overlooked here for whatever reason. Even Mark Cameron himself has admitted it’s a hard sound to beat

I like my 1987T and Naylor more, but the JMP2203 has still survived so far as a keeper

I haven’t kept up with prices lately, but when I was I don’t think the 800’s or JMP’s went for that much more than the Ceriatone stuff. To me the choice is obvious
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I ended up ordering a 2203 rather than Yeti or Molecular. I decided I really wanted the base tone of the 800 as the foundation. Having Nic add a three way bright switch, buffered loop, and NFB pot. Seems easy enough to tweak on my own from there.

I just ordered a similar amp.

After a lot of back and forth with Nik I decided on a 2204 with a PPIMV, Deep control, the Fat, Boost and Bright switches from the 2202 and the Character and Bite switches from the King Kong. Also went with a buffered effects loop, the PT from the Gargoyle and 6550s.

It's going to be my first tube amp. Very excited.