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kingpinMS3":20foaya3 said:

another dirt cheap caparison.

Damn if I had the money.


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Guitar Center in Arlington Texas has a new Friedman Runt 50 head on clearance for $1099.
I played it, it sounds good. I'd be tempted if I didn't already have too many great amps.
Plenty of gain to rock out. Killed the SC20 next to it, which is going for more $$$.

Ask for Chris Bonner if you’re interested. He always helps me out and will be in 10-6 tomorrow.

Rick Lee

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Ok, this one is a little out there and would require some legwork. I just emailed them and am awaiting their reply. But I saw this amp in Germany last week (couldn't buy and carry on plane yesterday) and they were blowing them out for 1333 Euros. Then I found this one in the UK and it's even cheaper. IF they deduct the VAT for export outside of the EU, AND IF their website is correct that shipping to the US is only 30 Euros, that makes this amp about 1/3 of what CME charges for them.

https://www.dv247.com/en_GB/GBP/Marshal ... 049897-000