Monkey Man

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Welcome, man.

Maybe you were trying to post in the classifieds subforum? There's a minimum-post requirement there (50 I think), so that might 'splain it.


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Scam alert on Albany NY Craigslist! Black LP custom for $1200. Was previously listed for $1900. If it was real it would have been long gone. Delisted at $1200? Buyer beware!


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Anyone near Des Moines? Charvel San Dimas Pro Mod for $450.



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For anyone in the Nashville area, someone's got a JCM900 2500 Hi Gain Master Volume head and 1960A halfstack for $1000. Pretty much a modded 2204 half stack for $1000.

If this were local to me, I would be on it like a fly on shit.
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