Delay and reverb pedal all-in-one?


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Opinions. I'm looking for a good pedal that has quality delays and reverbs. Not breaking the bank is a plus but I'll take your opinion on anything. Thanks


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Eventide PitchFactor is amazingly flexible.... It'll go there. And beyond. You just gotta learn it.
Keeley Caverns - if you just need a simple spring verb that’s done very well and a lovely warm delay then this pedal has you covered but then it’ll also do the washed out and atmospheric stuff as well. Not as versatile as the collider but a bit cheaper.


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Absolutely love the Earthquaker Dispatch Master. Overall, best sounding delay/verb combo to my ear. My only gripe is that you cannot turn the verb and delay effects on and off independently.

Nu-X Atlantic is a very, very close second to the overall sound quality of the Dispatch Master with independent level controls and on/off button for each effect.


Donnie B.

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Put a number on 'not breaking the bank'. Some of these suggestions are considered
expensive by many. You talking $100? $200? $500?


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Either the Earthquakes Dispatch Master or the Neunaber Immerse MKII. The Neunaber has multiple reverb and modulated effects and the echo setting is extremely powerful. The Neunaber is the winner IMHO


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Wampler Ethereal does that and is reasonable. I have one on my board and it is usable. I just want a combo of that effect and not the cavern like delays etc


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I wanted a Delay and Reverb combo pedal too a while ago and ended up going with the Flamma Ekoverb. It was less than $100 and is stereo.


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Keeley caverns is really nice. Also dispatch master is great.

Those are the only 2 I've owned. I ended up going back to a carbon copy but I do miss those 2


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I second the Source Audio Collider. It’s a phenomenal pedal that handles all my delay and reverb needs.