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Thanks for the heads up!

We’ve been talking - he only recently notified me of a regular one he’s unloading that I’m waiting for pictures and further information. He originally had a super rare model that he messaged me about, which prompted the added requirements to be added to this listing. Hoping to hear back from him soon :)

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Responding to your message in a moment! So I re-read our messages and it seems a typo sent us backwards. Where I meant to type isnt, I misleadingly typed is t for sale, haha. I have a 100A and a 100b, but at this moment only the white one (100b) is potentially for sale. I’m really sorry for the misguided info I gave you!


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Guy named Jon Ou had one, don't know if he`s around on the internet anymore. I don't think there`s any difference other than the tubes, maybe output transformer?