Do you use a processors to change Amp channels?


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I have the Hybrid and up until this point all my previous amps have one footswitch jack. I use the Line 6 HX effects for pos/pre effects and to change amp channles. I have tried every variation of TRS, TS cables, as well as Tip, Ring T n R, and None in th eprograming section of the hX and no luck. Tried NO knobs pulled and primarily cable running from Pedal out to Amp 'Channel' jack on rear (of the 4 options) -No luck.

I do typically run the presence knob pulled to activate Loop and I like the ch 1 Gain or vol knob pulled for gain depending on the room.
**All I need to do is change amp channels, no othe rboost features needed.

Any help I appreciate it as no manual exists........... But even if one did it would not tell me how to use the HX, I just don't get the 4 jacks on the rear where the Channel jack goes. How does the 'shared ground' work there too?

There is a video a guy on the Wizard FB page shared but he is using a Fractal FX8 and uses to cables with a Y to utilize boost functions


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Good news, a manual does exist. Bad news, it's a one page manual. Worse news, there's no words, as there's only a simple instructional illustration:



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Ok here is the answer (vid will follow using the correct CABLE matters!! We tried a TS and a TRS niether worked. As in Joels video it has to be TRS on my HX end and TS on Amp end. I found this out by another friend's suggestion of pulling the cable partially out which I assume crated the TS to TRS connected in trun allowing the Tip and Ring latching set up in my processor to Work to change amp channels!!!

Like I said vid coming!