Does anyone know how to get a response from support?

Been almost a week and no response here either. Got multiple Diezel amps and cabs and this experience just makes me want to get rid of them.
I check my emails all day long. If you are located in the US please contact Boutique Amps Distribution. Thanks, Peter.
In the past I’ve gotten responses from Peter within 24 hours at the support email address (even on weekends).
There must be something wrong on the IT side of things then because I have heard this from multiple people over the last few weeks. Whenever I have contacted Diezel in the past, I've gotten throrough and detailed replies within hours.
Their quick reactions here only underline that. Ti me Diezel have some of the best customer support in the game
my last contact to support has been on Saturday with 2 mins response time from Peter himself...