Dual dynamic IR's


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Is there a way to use two of the Dynamic IR's (bought from the Two Notes store) simultaneously on the Cab M? At the same time, so the output is the blend of these two?

It seems to be possible to do with regular IR's, but I haven't found out how to do this for these dynamic IR's.


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I'm a CaptorX user, and noticed two things that may/may not be precisely relevant to your question.

There are a couple DynIRs that are "pairs" (mostly the Green variants) - but that's not entirely allowing you the flexibility of mixing cabs (aka DynIRs)

WoS (Wall of Sound) does allow you to stack cabs, use various mics, etc. So perhaps pairing your Cab M with your DAW and integrating WoS into the DAW, you'll get what you want and a helluva lot more.

Just a thought. WoS is big, and does a lot.