Ecstasy 3534 is in: CLIPS


High Gain:

Little Taste of Everything:

Loving it so far. Incredibly versatile, fun to play, sounds great at any volume. Will try to do more clips soon. IF there's anything specific anyone wants to see- let me know.

B. Ste

maybe a photo of the back! can't seem to find anything decent on the net...


Amazing sounding clips BTW :rock:


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So.....How loud does this thing get? Any headroom?

I had the MT15 which is actually 24 watts. Definitely loud but how would this 3534 hang with a full blown metal band? This amp is very tempting.


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Sorry if I missed it but how was this recorded? Speakers/cab/mic or IR? The clips sound incredible. more pissed off sounding than what you typically get from an Ecstasy.


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Have any issues with the effects loop being noisy? Anything you would changes now that you’ve had it a little while?