Egnater Armageddon tubes recommendation?


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hey everyone,
Got an Egnater Armageddon and loving it. wanted to see what owner have used for tubes in this amp. Not looking to add more gain, this amp has TONS.. however, I am looking to making the overall gain and tone more punchy, thick but clear.

Currently it has the following:
- V1: JJ ECC83S
- V2: Tung sol 12AT7
- V3: original Egnater 12ax7 (Sovtek 12ax7WA)
- V4: original Egnater 12ax7 (Sovtek 12ax7WA)
- V5: original Egnater 12ax7 (Sovtek 12ax7WA)
- V6: Sovtek 12ax7LPS

Power Tubes are JJ E34L.

This is what the amp had what I bought it.

Any recommendations?



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Mods. can you please close this Thread please. I no longer have the amp and no longer require a response :)