ENGL Blackmore power tubes


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So I sent Engl a message twice now, and still no response. I have had many issues in the past with customer support from Engl and they seem to be the worse from of any amp manufacture that I have dealt with.
I wanted to know if the stock power tubes are real 5881's such as Sovteks, or are they relabeled 6L6 power tubes. I want to keep it stock and use the same brand tubes they use in the stock amp. Its time for new power tubes and want the tone to be the same as it was as new.


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I've emailed them about 6-7 times in the last couple years and they've responded every time. Not quickly by any means, but they have responded. Not sure whats in the Blackmore, sorry man.


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Have you tried hitting up the Facebook page? I think I read someone on here say that they always got responses within 24 hours if they used that.


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I know you want to keep your Blackmore powering 5881 tubes like the ones that came in it, but I just recently replaced and biased my older 2006/2007ish model Blackmore with JJ 6L6 tubes and it sounds fan-freaking-tastic! I don’t think it hurt the sound of the amp whatsoever. It most definitely did not degrade the sound and feel of the Blackmore.