F/S - Rivera Hammer 120 Stereo TBR-3


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For sale is a Rivera Hammer 120 Stereo, model TBR-3. I call it good condition, typical scratches from rack use but front and back are fairly clean. Lettering on the back has faded but still readable. I had the tubes replaced/biased with EH 6CA7 and the amp was gone thru by a local tech about a year ago. Some (not all, just the 'big ones') filter caps and the bias filter caps were replaced. It works great and sounds fantastic. The Input Level switches do pop sometimes but I pretty much set and forget them. 4 rack spaces and not lightweight but not a widowmaker either (~45 pounds). Get your W/D/W on!
$750 + shipping/fees from GA. CONUS only.



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Will someone PLEASE buy this so I don't have to. I cannot believe it hasn't been sold at this price!!!!