Fave Boosts For Splawn - Go

I run the SoloDallas Storm in front.. in GEAR 1 with low gain.. you go from Malcolm to Angus in a switch.. really pushes the right freqencies.. I tried my NagaViper and it sounded like a bees nest.. That boost sounds much better in front of my Marshall Major modded as it is a darker amp.. The Storm from Solo Dallas is a fantastic boost pedal..
I have an '10 Quickrod what was ones a ProMod but has KT77's in it now. I use a Wizard Leopard into 1st gear OD1 and a Barber Compact Direct Drive into 2nd gear OD1. I use the Direct Drive also as a stand alone low gain drive on the clean channel.
Thanks for that and welcome to Rig-Talk :cheers:
I've had great luck with the Rockaway by J Rockett Audii Designs. It's the Steve Steven's signature pedal and has 6-band eq to boot.

While I'm add it, the The Dude Pedal does a fantastic "smooth as butter" OD on the clean channell. It's supposed to be a Dumble clone. I'll have to take their word for it. I find that the Rockaway does equally as food as a boost to the Amp and/or to The Dude.

I am blessed.


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