Feedback when using Replay


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Just got the Reload and so far loving it, however I've spent all night trying to fix this issue and it's driving me nuts.

My signal chain that has been working so far is guitar -> amp -> Reload -> XLR - TRS -> Presonus Studio 192 Mobile Line Input -> FL Studio -> Wall Of Sound. This has been working great.

I have tried to use the reamp function of the Reload using this signal chain with the FL Studio DI track set to output on Line Out 3/4 -> TRS - TRS -> Reload Line In -> Amp Out -> Guitar Cable -> Amp Input, then as above to get the signal back into the computer. Every time I turn the amp up I just get this horrible squealing feedback on my FL input track. I tried plugging in the cable from the Reload into a microphone input instead of the line input and it seemed like my entire mix was coming through the cable. After this I switched to Studio One in case FL Studio was the problem as it doesn't seem like FL can set up inputs/outputs as well as S1 can.

At this point I had just a single guitar DI track set to output on Line Out 3 in mono. When I turn the amp up I can hear the track coming from either the amp or the Reload as is described might happen in the manual, success I thought. As soon as I start monitoring the input in S1, the feedback comes straight back.

I've reached the point where I'm out of ideas on what to do to fix this issue. I've tried switching between line inputs and microphone inputs, ground lifts, it just doesn't seem to want to go away. Has anyone else come across this? Am I overlooking something? Any help is really appreciated as the Reload was the last piece of the puzzle to getting my home recordings going.



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KandyMan1990 beware of monitoring the Di track and sending it to the output and monitoring the reload track at the same time.

It's a common mistake and that creates a digital loop.

You should have DI -> output 3
Monitors-> output 1-2

and only monitor the reload track on 1-2, not monitoring DI.