FredAmp full tube preamp pedal with torpedo cab


I finally found the best full Tube preamp in pedal size for my torpedo cab .
FredAmp's Preamps are amazing , they blown me away .
The Crystal preamp is based on fender twin
JTBass is based on marshall jtm 45 and bassman fender
FPM100 is based on marshall jmp100
I use them with overdrive like maxon od808 , bogner blue and red , and it's great , very organic , dynamic . ... ric-preamp

Here are some videos in different styles and comparative between preamps and overdrive

marty51":3i3twpit said:
I finally found the best full Tube preamp in pedal size for my torpedo cab .
FredAmp's Preamps are amazing , they blown me away .
I can only agree with that. I tried a lot of tube (or not) preamp pedals, and, as you already know marty, I think the Fredamp's are the best.
I already own the JTBass, and I'm going to get the new version of the Crystal next week :

Never tried any Kingsley pedal eventhough they did interest me. But I've owned both AMT SS11, and an Effectrode Blackbird. The AMTs were good for the price, but the clean channel was a bit boring. The Effectrode Blackbird didn't have enough volume, and I didn't like it at all (but the pedal itself was beautiful).
moltenmetalburn":3ppvkze8 said:
There are quite a few HV tube preamps. I've had most of them.

Soldano or mesa boogie style preamp :

Bogner, engl, orange style preamps

Blackface , jazzy preamps

Fender, dumble preamps

France ... l-preamp-2

Classic British and bass preamp/overdrive

Cool stuff thanks for posting!
i tried to reproduce the famous Van Halen' Brown sound with the FPM100 preamp and The Hot Scream overdrive and it's amazing

Strat-O-Matic":2hf3xjqv said:
moltenmetalburn":2hf3xjqv said:
No problem guys im an asdict for these preamps and have even started building my own.

Did you find a good kit somewhere? That's something I might be interested in.

No i just started looking at nixie power supply designs and went from there, i have been building pedals and modding amps since 2005 or so.

First one i have built so far is an orange ad200b bass preamp. Over time i plan on building many.
a new cover d'AC/DC , Back in Black , my favorite .
I used THE FMp100 preamp , and hot scream on solos . :rock:

richardt4520":2n2cd3zs said:
Man! Really digging the tone and playing on those, Marty. That ACDC rocks!
Thanks a lot my friend , it would have been better with a good sg and a short :LOL: :LOL: