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I really wasn't in the market for anything new, but I came across this at a really good price. So I jumped on it.

It comes loaded with Dimarzio Fusion pickups and the previous owner installed Hipshot locking tuners.

Additional specs:

Ibanez guitars have become a strong name in metal guitars for their outstanding playability and performance. With selected materials and high-profile electronics and hardware, every detail is deeply considered and designed. The Ibanez High Performance series delivers high-end performance and road warrior dependability.

The Ibanez RGAR42HP features a nyatoh body, creating a mesmerizing visual aura and a warm, expressive tone. This Ibanez model’s contoured top not only looks sleek, it creates a softer, more comfortable edge where the player’s right forearm rests. A roasted maple neck has been heat-treated to increase the wood’s stability and durability, providing a well-balanced note attack and tone with rich sustain.

The Ibanez RGAR42HP also boasts a jatoba fretboard with jumbo frets that offer effortless fingering up and down the full length of the fretboard. In addition, the fretboard has luminescent side dot position marks to make it easy for players to see fretboard position when performing on dark stages.

DiMarzio Fusion Edge pickups, a collaboration between DiMarzio and Ibanez, provide great clarity and a very smooth response, satisfying the current demands of players in today’s progressive metal scene. The fixed bridge also boasts a low-profile design, allowing plenty of picking hand freedom while optimizing tuning stability.

Nyatoh body
Wizard III roasted maple neck, jatoba fretboard with off-set white dot inlays and jumbo frets
DiMarzio Covered Fusion Edge (H) neck and bridge pickups, coil-tap switch
F106 bridge
Gold hardware, luminescent side dot inlay



So far, it plays like a beast! Kind of bright in the bridge, but sounds great!


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Hell yeah congrats!!!!

I used to play ibanez necks but as I got older I couldn’t bar chord on them anymore. I find chunky baseball bat necks provide the most comfort and control but I sacrifice speed and agility.